Estate Clearing

We help families and conservators with the details of clearing the estate in the event of the death of a loved one or client.  We can provide any or all of the following services.

Estate Clearing

  • Sort personal and household items and arrange for disbursal, shipping, donation, or disposal
  • Locate documents and/or shred paperwork
  • Set up an online auction of household goods, valuables, and furniture, or…
  • Organize an estate sale
  • Arrange for a liquidator

Preparing to sell the house

  • Arrange for final cleaning
  • Arrange for painting, carpeting, or repairs that are needed before selling the home
  • Arrange for a landscaper
  • Arrange for staging the home to sell
  • Arrange for a realtor

We refer and/or manage pre-screened professionals in their respective fields to handle specialized pieces of the process.