Hiring a Senior Move Manager: How to Choose

News is slowly but surely getting around that there are seasoned professionals who assist older adults with potentially overwhelming later-in-life moves.  As a 7-year veteran Senior Move Manager, I am only now beginning to hear my potential clients saying to me during our initial consultation, “I want you to know I am interviewing another move manager too.”  And my response is this.  “You are wise to do so.  Assuming both are members of NASMM, you should choose the one you feel most comfortable with.  After considering experience, cost, professionalism, and personality, in my opinion, it really comes down to this: You will like one of us more.  And that’s who you should go with, even if it’s not me.”  Downsizing for a big move is stressful. You will lean on your move manager for emotional support, even if it is never spoken, and a trusting relationship is the key to, dare I say, happiness.

Note: We’ve published the article here due to the New York Times paywall, but you may read the original article on the New York Times website here.