Senior Movers Turned Designers

By Kelly Greene | Wall Street Journal | February 12, 2012 Even in a story about how adult children deal with their aging parents’ stuff (SEE PREVIOUS POST), there was too much stuff to include it all. One newly emerging service – creating a floor plan with the furniture that would work in a new… Read more »

The Pearls Are Mine!

By Kelly Greene | Wall Street Journal | February 4, 2012 Marky Olson, a 63-year-old Seattle blogger, hit rock bottom the day she sneaked eight photo albums out of her parents’ apartment and chucked them in a dumpster. Already, she had spent two years trying to make a dent in the stuff crammed into her parents’ two-car… Read more »

Downsizing: How to Pack Up Your Home | March 21, 2011 | If your loved one has lived in the same home for many years, the amount of possessions that have been acquired over the years can be shocking. To a caregiver, what looks like piles of clutter represents a lifetime of memories for the elder. Working through emotional side of… Read more »

Finding Help in a Crisis Downsizing

Here’s a fantastic overview of the downsizing process and a recommendation from the AARP to begin sooner than you might think. By Sid Kirtchheimer | AARP Bulletin | August 24, 2011 For Roger and Alma Kline, retirement downsizing involved no long-planned move to a beachfront condo or Arizona community, no leisurely thinning out of the lifetime of possessions in their… Read more »