Moving Your Parents

When Moving Seems Impossible

Here’s a great blog entry from the weekly New York Times blog for seniors called The New Old Age.  It’s a positive testimony to the stress-relieving and calming benefits of getting the help of a Senior Move Manager when moving is imminent.  A manager can help reduce family stressors.  “It really lets the adult child be… Read more »

Moving Elderly Parents: Convincing Mom and Dad When They Don’t Want To

We all know how difficult the decision to move into assisted living can be.  While especially hard for the senior, the adult children are often conflicted about such a big move for mom and dad even when it looks like it’s time.  Talking about it together is absolutely necessary but broaching the subject can be painful. … Read more »

The Pearls Are Mine!

By Kelly Greene | Wall Street Journal | February 4, 2012 Marky Olson, a 63-year-old Seattle blogger, hit rock bottom the day she sneaked eight photo albums out of her parents’ apartment and chucked them in a dumpster. Already, she had spent two years trying to make a dent in the stuff crammed into her parents’ two-car… Read more »