Downsizing for a Move

Senior Moment: All That Stuff

I love this blog entry by Katie in Brooklyn about the emotional side of senior downsizing.  She says “when done properly, the move itself can be a happy time – a time for the senior to reinvent himself and plan for the future.”  What begins with overwhelm often turns into a rewarding and life-affirming process. by… Read more »

When Moving Seems Impossible

Here’s a great blog entry from the weekly New York Times blog for seniors called The New Old Age.  It’s a positive testimony to the stress-relieving and calming benefits of getting the help of a Senior Move Manager when moving is imminent.  A manager can help reduce family stressors.  “It really lets the adult child be… Read more »

What Boomers Want in a Retirement House

Practicality, affordability, and resalability top the list of priorities when boomers look at buying their retirement home.  Here’s an interesting article from Smart Money magazine. by Jeremy Olshan | Smart Money | October 13, 2011 Baby boomers want new homes that can stylishly accommodate the needs of aging. The blueprints for retirement are changing, homebuilders say,… Read more »

The Right Move: Working with a Senior Move Manager

Senior Move Management is a relatively new service available to older adults facing the downsizing of the family home and moving into a space better suited to their needs.  Here’s a good description of what a Senior Move Manager does and how they simplify what can be a daunting undertaking and ease the stress of an important… Read more »