Comprehensive Checklist for Downsizing a Home, Making the Move, and Settling In

Here is a fantastic article  and comprehensive checklist for the downsizing tasks associated with a move into smaller quarters.  There is a link to another article by the Family Caregiver Alliance called Home Away from Home: Relocating Your Parents that is equally informative and covers the entire gamut of issues involved when beginning to consider moving a… Read more »

Seniors Delay Moving Due to an Overwhelming Number of Possessions

Our motto here at Organize and Downsize is “We turn the Overwhelmed into the Overjoyed!”  It captures in a short phrase the emotions experienced at just the thought of downsizing and moving to a smaller residence and the emotions felt when it’s over. Here is an article from the NYT’s “New Old Age” column that describes… Read more »

Getting Organized with Martha – Video

The new year is often a time of great inspiration.  Very often, getting organized is a resolution that seems to be pretty near the top of the list.  But where to begin??  It’s a good idea to break the job into manageable tasks. Getting organized sometimes begins with something as basic as clearing a cluttered counter. … Read more »

Dignified Relocations: The Relationship between Realtors and Senior Move Managers

Addressing realtors, this article in the official magazine of the National Association of Realtors, RealtorMag, interviews SMM industry leader Mary Kay Busse to highlight the relationship between real estate professionals and Senior Move Managers.  From my perspective, working with realtors to service their clients during an often overwhelming process is a pleasure. Sometimes the realtor sub-contracts an SMM to provide… Read more »

Share Common Ground – Pocket Neighborhoods for Young Retirees

Margit Novack shared this AARP article about “pocket neighborhoods” on our NASMM blog.  Growing in popularity with boomer retirees, pocket neighborhoods are small planned communites where clusters of six or eight cottage homes face a common courtyard and all the front doors are approached by a common walkway rather than a street.  Perfect for older adults seeking… Read more »