Client Testimonials

I’m 63. I lived in a home I’ve absolutely loved for 20 years but I wanted to move closer to my daughter in Pennsylvania.  The task before me was daunting: I needed to sell a rental, sell my home, sell my car, go through mountains of paperwork, decide what possessions to keep, pack it all up, and figure out what to do with the leftovers, including how to sell a baby grand piano. I was overwhelmed and almost paralyzed.

I did a Google search to see what I could find. I found several SMM’s and read and researched. Then, I chose Abby Rosenblum. I met her December, 2014 and felt so good about her, I hired her on the spot. From the beginning she knew what to say and how to reassure me. I could tell she was very knowledgeable, honest and caring.

Abby took care of anything I couldn’t do or anything I asked her to do: sorting, packing, researching, clearing the home, recommending movers and estate sellers. She always made sure I didn’t hurt my back, ate, and rested. She kept me organized and prevented me from losing my mind. My family and friends agreed, I couldn’t have done it without Abby! She goes above and beyond. I will be forever grateful.   – Susan McKee, Pittsburgh, PA

Bill and Grace Maiola CroppedWe hired Abby and her team to clear my mother-in-law’s home when she moved from Arden Park to Atlanta to be closer to us.  Abby had impressive references from previous clients and I had confidence in her work from the beginning. Using Facetime on her i-Phone camera, she and I sorted Jennie’s household items long-distance and identified family treasures and important papers to ship to us here in Atlanta.  The rest of Jennie’s belongings were distributed to friends and family which was quite an organizational challenge. Abby’s team cleaned up the property, demo’d a shed, and hauled away years of of my late father-in-law’s project materials. The home was staged and listed for sale three weeks earlier than she’d promised. It sold within 24 hours at $50,000 above our asking price! Abby worked very hard and certainly “went many extra miles” to make this happen for us in an extremely short time frame. She achieved results beyond our expectations.   – Grace and Bill Maiola, Atlanta, GA

Gail Dausener Harry I went down to Sacramento from Seattle on a weekend to bring my elderly cousin back up to live near family. I sorely needed someone locally who could assist us in wrapping up her affairs. Abby was the one for the job.  She had her team pack up items and ship them to us in Seattle, arranged for the car and house to be sold, and the contents donated. She arranged for a contractor to do remodeling and repairs. She bought appliances for the house and arranged for a final cleaning.

Her realtor was very friendly and knowledgeable and was able to get the house sold quickly. The whole process took about 5 months. (From start to until the property was sold.)

You develop a very close relationship through all of this and she is great to work with. She always let me know if there was a problem, and she always provided me with solutions and options. She was flexible, so if we were concerned with costs, she was able to offer other alternatives. Her contractor was affordable and the job was well done.

It is a huge job and stressful to do this long distance but not impossible with her assistance.  Abby really knows her stuff and is willing to do whatever it takes to help you.  She is friendly, knowledgeable, reliable, thorough, resourceful, and empathetic. And a hard worker.  You will be in good hands. I highly recommend her.   – Gail Dausener, Kent, WA

Laura Parrish 2I really appreciate all your hard work, Abby!  The transition went about as smoothly as I could have hoped, and Mom seems happy in her new space. I look forward to seeing it in person! Mom really enjoyed getting to know you – I teased her that she’s got yet another BFF!!!

Thank you for your sensitivity, thoroughness, and responsiveness too. What a godsend to have someone like you help with this potentially wrenching process. I credit you with helping Mom feel like she had some control over a process that has to be filled with uncertainty and fear of the unknown.
-Laura Parrish, Eugene, OR