Planning and managing stress-free moves for older adults and their families in Sacramento and Northern California.

Organize and Downsize helps older adults plan to relocate - and manages the details of their move. We guide our older clients and their families through the potentially overwhelming tasks of sorting a lifetime of treasured possessions, help disburse what must be let go, and provide assistance with packing, moving, and organizing the new home for life's next chapter. Our clients tell us the biggest benefit we provide is the *relief of stress* during a challenging transition ~ with compassion, professionalism, and care.

Relief from Your Move-Related Stress

We know that downsizing and moving in the later years can be taxing both physically and emotionally. Even the thought of it can be overwhelming. What can I bring with me? What will I do with rest of my things? My kids are out of town and/or working full time--who will help me get it all done? (Or...My parents live far away and I need someone to help them manage their move.)

A Senior Move Manager can help you or your parents with any or all of the details of the relocation. We can work with you to plan the move, create a timeline, make a floor plan of the new residence to determine what will fit. We work with you (or your mom or dad) side by side to sort your belongings and then arrange for the dispersal or sale of items which must be let go. We pack, move, and get you settled into your new home.

But most importantly, we relieve your stress - with compassion, friendship, and good humor - during all phases of this bittersweet transition.

Complimentary Move Consultation

My clients often tell me that their ambivalence about moving began to ease upon our first meeting. Please give me a call and we'll sit down together and discuss your needs and concerns in detail. Based on our conversations, I will begin to formulate a relocation plan, a timeline, and a cost estimate for your move. This will help you visualize the process and reduce the stress you may be feeling. My initial consultation is free with no obligation.

"We turn the overwhelmed into the overjoyed!"

Abby Rosenblum
Owner and Senior Move Manager
(916) 956-0450

Estate Clearing

We help families and conservators with the tasks involved when clearing the estate of a loved one or client. We can assist you with all phases of the process down to the final detail.

Happy Clients

"You helped Mom feel like she had some control over an uncertain process." - Laura P.
"Friendly, reliable, knowledgeable, thorough, resourceful, and empathetic." - Gail D.
"Abby went many extra miles and achieved results beyond our expectations preparing Mom's home for sale." - Grace M.
"We couldn't have been more satisfied with the quality of your team members and movers. Job well-done!" - Bob B.
"Really appreciate all you have done for me. More like a friend than a contractor." - Bob I.
"Your guidance has been a truly wonderful blessing to both of us during this transition. Thank you." - Pete S. and Aiko S.